August 22, 2019


Life begins at Forty is the suitable word to define the spirit by all the Staff and Management Patra Jasa Bali Resort & Villas. On its 40th anniversary, the hotel with concept Resort & Villas is succeeded in keeping up its existence amongst the tight competition in Hospitality. The Management has settled some strategies either improving the quality of the product of the quality of the service.

The main purpose for the hotel that is managed professionally is to reach profit as much as possible, nevertheless to maintain the existence The Management also arrange the social program for the community as well mentioned in the corporate vision of PT. Patra Jasa. The social activities are well arranged continuously by the Hotel. In the rundown of the 40th anniversary The Management did some social activities some like Blood Giving worked together with PMI (Nation Blood Association) on 7 July 2015 with 50 participants, Social Service on 29 July 2015 to one of the settler in Klungkung Area who lives in a suffering condition. The donations were medications, 9 prime living materials (Sembako) and also the material for repairing the roof of the House. The sources of the donations were from the Management and collective from all the employees with aims for asking the employees to share and care. And the peak of the event was Employee Fun Gathering on 9 August 2015 at The Tennis Court starting from 7.30 – onward with theme One Heart, One Spirit, One Goal. The meaning of the theme is the effort of the Management to unite heart & spirit to reach the Goal. The concept of the event are fun & sporty, where all the employees starting from The Staff till The Management were wearing sporty costumes and joined the fun games. Fun & rousing were the words to define the situation on that day. All the participants were blending no boundaries between one another. The activities were Making the Yell, Pass the Stick, Balloon Racing and Crazy Bridge. They looked enthusiasm following all the activities, and also together with them Mrs. Cok Istri R. Lahriani General Manager of the hotel joined with them.

“This program is aimed for strengthen the united amongst the employees, which will increase the spirit and the performance of the employees in order Patra Jasa Bali Resort & Villas on its 40th anniversary can still struggle within the tight competition of the Hospitalily industry” as Mrs. Cok Istri R. Lahriani mentioned in her speech. ***

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