Art Exhibition “Celebrer Le Printemps Au Paradis” in celebration of the second anniversary of Maison Aurelia Sanur Hotel

“Bringing a homey lodging and the Balinese Heritage to travelers”

Maison Aurelia, a boutique hotel in Sanur, Bali is celebrating its second anniversary – the hotel is located in idyllic Sanur and is passionate about Balinese culture. Last year Maison Aurelia launched a book about the illustrious art and cultural history of Bali titled, “Sanur, Gateway to Inspiration,” and is celebrating the book’s first anniversary concurrently. Both the anniversary celebrations will take place on 27th April 2019. The event is marked by opening an art exhibition “Celebrer Le Printemps Au Paradis”, a collaboration with Anvang Art, that will feature 15 paintings from the Rudana Museum’s collection.

Maison Aurelia located in the charming heart of Sanur offers an assortment of activities to do and nature to bask. As a former fishing village, Sanur, now is an elite tourist destination rich in the wealth of arts and culture. As a hotel, Maison Aurelia presents an indelible experience highlighting Bali’s exotic places to visit. Completed with their homey lodging, characterized by spacious guestrooms, Maison Aurelia was built to make the guests’ stay pampering and joyful.

As materialization of Maison Aurelia’s act to preserve and spread Balinese culture, the book, “Sanur, Gateway to Inspiration” was launched last year. At its core, the book tells Bali’s unique history of foreign artists flocking to the island for artistic inspiration and enriching Bali’s artistic culture. The book features Dr. Jean Couteau prefacing with his views on the developments. He wrote an insightful synopsis about the influx of foreign artists to Bali and the reasons behind it. Followed by, a beautiful tapestry of the works and stories of some of the selected foreign artists follows. Last but not least, “Sanur, Gateway to Inspiration” mentions the museums where these art works and others are displayed, including Rudana Museum.

Maison Aurelia’s second anniversary is highlighting an important milestone for the boutique hotel. The collaboration with Rudana Museum and the opening segment of art exhibition is a testimony to Maison Aurelia’s passion of Balinese cultural arts, know to be unique and alluring.

The dual anniversary will be held on the 27th of April 2019 in the Maison Aurelia’s restaurant Le Patio. During the event, Muhammad Bundhowi as representative of Rudana Museum will speak about Maison Aurelia’s role as an institution that has an affinity for the development of Balinese arts and culture and its desire and commitment to support Balinese culture in its all aspects.

During this event, Maison Aurelia will also introduce its latest development, Le Patio Restaurant. A rebranding project from its old restaurant Spice by Chris Salans. Le Patio is an idyllic concept of Grandma’s Garden where guests come to relax, unwind and wine and dine throughout the day. A fresh look on a classic concept with Chef Putu’s aromatic cuisine. A balance of flavorful dishes from the Mediterranean with traditional platers from the archipelago.

“Maison Aurelia Hotel is looking forward to many more anniversaries and is committed to promote the unique Balinese heritage with the luxurious hotel experience” said Nigel Douwes, General Manager of Maison Aurelia, to close the event.

About Préférence Hotels and Maison Aurelia Sanur

Préférence Hotels is Tauzia’s upscale discreet luxury label for charm and heritage hotels that offer subtle inspiration and memorable experiences. Each of the hotels under the Préférence label shall have its own identity, name and concept reflecting the cultural heritage or history, the natural beauty of the destination, bold Architecture or interior design. Maison Aurelia by Préférence is an inspired French colonial boutique hotel that blends Western architecture with Balinese art and hospitality. The word Maison means ‘home’ in French was chosen to make the guest feel homey in this small charming hotel. The name Aurelia comes from the Latin family name Aurelius meaning ‘golden’. The colour that symbolises power, strength, luxury and perfection. Gold is also associated with the wisdom of ageing and is a colour that reflects the mature audiences who frequently visit Sanur Area. (*)

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