October 19, 2019

Bali Airport’s operational remains normal

Bali Hotels Association’s statement update in Lombok’s series of Earthquakes on 5 Aug 2018
Related to the recent earthquakes in Lombok island today, based on the official report from BMKG, the series of earthquakes had triggered tsunami early warning for North, East and West Lombok areas only. The highest wave is predicted 0,5 meters for the coastline in east of Lombok.

At 18.46.35 the tsunami early warning was lifted. There is no tsunami warning reported for Bali and Bali is still safe to travel. There were only a few damage buildings reported with no casualty for Bali. Bali Airport’s operational remains normal.

Further information, please follow the official website of BMKG http://www.bmkg.go.id and stay tune on Indonesian national TV. (*)

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