March 21, 2019

High Five, Road to Anniversary b Hotel Bali & Spa

BALI – To celebrate the fifth anniversary of the hotel (June 23th, 2018), b Hotel Bali & Spa gives you a special offering with the theme High Five. The theme is intended to foster the spirit and togetherness between employees in b Hotel and also the wider community.

Invite people to participate in a series of events that have been packaged into the Mural Show, Zumba, and also Blood Donations. Mural Show is held to showing the artwork displayed by the people of Bali. The Mural Community called “Iris Tipis Team” splits into four groups featuring their best work. While zumba sports guided by zumba instructors are also attended by hundreds of people who crossed around renon field. This event is done to fill your morning with a healthy activity of course. In addition, we also have social activities, where b Hotel Bali & Spa in cooperation with the PMI & Dr. Rommy Associate to carry out blood donation activities and free health checks.

The entire series of events was held on May 6, 2018, at the Bajra Sandhi Monument / Renon Square. This event is held in conjunction with Car Free Day (CFD) activities that have become routine activities every Sunday.
Without any charge, of course, this event is intended for anyone who wants to participate in celebrating the 5th anniversary of Bali Hotel & Spa. For more information about b Hotel Bali & Spa, please contact or call (+62 361) 846-5757. Also follow our social media accounts on Instagram and Twitter @bhotel_bali and like Facebook page b Hotel Bali & Spa.(*)

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