August 22, 2019

Hotel Vila Lumbung helds on Piodalan

Ceremony A paying respect to the appropriate Hindu’s God, in gratitude for the past and future successes.

On August 26th 2018, Hotel Vila Lumbung held a Piodalan ceremony, an event which occurs every sixth month on the Balinese Lunar Calendar and commemorates the anniversary of each temple’s consecration. Piodalan all are welcomed to come and pray, bringing special offerings as thanks for the protection to the holy place and its surrounding community. The celebration includes decoration of the temple with colorful flowers, presentation of offerings, food and special anointing. Hotel Vila Lumbung’s Piodalan main ceremony were held in the temple located at hotel entrance, starts from 10.00 am pm to 03.00 pm. Piodalan is not only about to celebrate the anniversary of hotel’s temple but also to purify the resort premises as and as a form of gratitude for all the fortune, health and togetherness that have been given to us all year long.

As part of the celebration, Hotel Vila Lumbung team members held a unique tradition in the morning from 05.00 am to 12.00 am, named Mebat. It is a social occasion which usually can be found in the traditional village or sub-village where the Hindu’s community gather together in one place to make traditional foods and special anointing. During Mebat, Hotel Vila Lumbung team member, especially for man, were assigned with different tasks such as preparing seasoning, processing meat and cooking.

There were also ritual Rejang dances performed on the day’s agenda. Rejang Dance is one of several sacred dances of the island. There were three types of Rejang dance well performed on that day, which was Rejang Renteng, Rejang Dewa & Rejang Sari. The dances of Rejang Renteng & Rejang Sari were well performed by all the girls of Hotel Vila Lumbung team member, while Rejang Dewa were performed by a group of little girls worn yellow shade wrap-around fabrics. They were wearing beautiful handmade tower shape headdress. The beautiful piece is made of dried palm leaf dyed with arrays of beautiful colors.

By the end of Muspa (praying) sessions, the events continue with Megibung, a dining occasion that demonstrates togetherness in Balinese life. It is an activity where some people sit together and share the food from one big plate. All the team of Hotel Vila Lumbung and its sister company, The ONE Legian, along with the media invitation were gathered, sitting cross-legged in a circle. Rice and side dishes are presented on a huge plate made from banana leaf & woven coconut leaf. The menu itself is pure prepared by Hotel Vila Lumbung throught Mebat activity, it was a Balinese specialties, includes lawar (pork, chicken & starfruit leaf), satay lilit, sayur ares, and chicken betutu. Here, Megibung allows everyone to feel free to eat by hand.

At the very end, Hotel Vila Lumbung internally held a mini competition of Bali Kuno Fashion Show that followed by 5 couples from 5 departments at Hotel Vila Lumbung. We have also invited media partners to become judges, assessing participants from costumes and communication that are built through dialogue between partners. “This Piodalan ceremony is our thanks, Vila Lumbung Hotel, for all the blessings we have received and enjoyed throughout the year. This celebration moments where we also invited a hotel’s partner, is a form of maintaining good relationship so that we continue to grow together hand in hand.” Explained Mr. Wayan Suada – Operation Manager Hotel Vila Lumbung. (*)

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