August 22, 2019


The most inspiring festival in Bali will arrive sooner than you think! The 5th Jazz Market by The Sea once more bringing inspiration throughout music, art, culture and traditions. With this year’s theme, Indonesian Festivities and Culinary Journey, the three day event will also feature excitement of the culinary treasure from the archipelago.

Preserving Indonesian culinary art, ACMI (Aku Cinta Masakan Indonesia) an association which consist of  ambassadors of Indonesian traditional culinary, Indonesian chefs inlcuding William Wongso, Rahung Nasution and culinary enthusiast will gather and hold culinary sharing and food tastings! Most of the workshops start at about 3PM on 14-16 Aug 2015, Culinary Sharing and Paon Jamu Showcase will be held on 15 Aug 2015, special on 16 Aug 2015 ACMI Sunday Dinner in the evening.

Food stalls set by high quality tenants such as Ayodya Resort, Sushi Tei, Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort, TAO – Ramada Resort, Flapjaks, The Holy Crab, Benkai – Grand Nikko, Eat Me Snack Haus, and many more; while Kaki Lima Stalls serving Indonesian traditional snacks. More fascinating scene full of knick knacks handycrafts, colorful jewelry, nature and recycle products, gorgeous clothings and bags, and some of the cutest decoration you will see are presented by Republic of Plants, Blue Waters, Seven Barber, Pepito, Bambu Silver, The Wedding Shop and more. The market sets with reasonalbe yet affordable price, never feel like you are getting ripped off in the festival!

While ladies enjoy shopping, getting their nails done and a foot rub, kids can have fun in the Children’s Area. Settling on spacious lush grass, in front of Paon Restaurant, kids will be busy petting animmals at out festival zoo, enjoy trampoline, fun games, cracker eating competition, marble run competition and more traditional competitions. Sparkle with laughter, this corner is full of exuberant vibes, making it a perfect family day out.

At the main music stage Tohpati Bertiga, Raisa and Kunto Aji will certainly light up the night. More music talents coming from all over Indonesia such as Voice of Krishna, Kontemporer Perkusi, Bali Gitar Club, Rampak Kendang, Bagus Mazasupa, Vagabond, Sound of Mine, Rio Sidik, Nita Aartsen Trio, Balawan, Dialog Dini Hari, Sapta Rare and many more, presenting colorful music vibes from fascinating types of instrument. With these line ups, every corner of Taman Bhagawan will be livened with excitement and festivity as we celebrate Indonesia independence long weekend!

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