August 22, 2019

LAKE RANA KULAN: Favorite Place for Relaxing and Unwinding

EAST MANGGARAI – The distance between Borong in the southern coast and Pota in the northern coast of East Manggarai is quite far. Our body might be aching after a long trip from Borong passing through Lengko Ajang. However, tiredness and sleepiness will suddenly disappear once we arrive in Lake Rana Kulan. The lake is surrounded by verdant forest with fresh and cool air. This is our first impression when we visited Lake Rana Kulan which is located on the roadside to Pota, Sambi Rampas district.

Lake Rana Kulan which is situated on the roadside becomes favorite pit stop for people passing the road from Lengko Ajang to Pota and vise versa. The lake has been long known for its beauty, crystal clear water and tranquility as it is located far from people settlement.

Lake Rana Kulan is located in the village of Rana Kulan of Elar district. It covers an area of around 5km2 with a depth around 30 meters. In the west of Lake Rana Kulan, there are coffee plantation, cacao and other plantation which belong to the local villagers. Visitors can clearly see ducks and egrets swimming and looking for food in the lake. The lake is located about 85 kilometers from Borong and 30 kilometers from Pota.

Jhon Aurey, a local villager that we met at the location said that the beauty of Lake Rana Kulan has been known worldwide. The lake has been visited by many domestic and international tourists. According to Jhon , the biota that can be found in this lake include freshwater fish, shrimp and eel. Most people visit the lake for fishing and enjoying the beautiful panorama.(*)

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