August 22, 2019

PIODALAN CEREMONY at Hotel Vila Lumbung, The little Ubud in Seminyak

This year’s Piodalan Ceremony at Hotel Vila Lumbung is more festive because it was accompanied by related activities. Starting from Tirta Yatra activity, that is the holy trip to the sacred temples to pray and “Mendak Tirtha”, Mendak Tirta is an activity to pursuit the holy water (Tirtha) that will be used during the Piodalan ceremony. This holy water is symbolizing all the blessings and the representation of God to bless to the land and all the people.

This Tirtha Yatra activities conducted a few days before the main day of the Piodalan Ceremony by visiting Pemuteran Temple, Goa Sunia Temple, Ratu Gede Gamang Temple, Pulaki Temple, Pabean Temple, Ratu Niang Sakti Temple, Pasar Agung Temple, Beji Temple, Gedong Arta Temple, Melanting Temple, Puncak Manik Temple, Taman Temple, Belatungan Temple and Kerta Kawat Temple which are in Singaraja, then Jayaprana Temple, Segara Rupek Temple, Segara Kanjeng Ratu Kidul Temple and Rambut Siwi Temple in Jembrana, Dalem Sidakarya Temple, Dalem Pengembak Temple, Tanah Kilap Temple, Candi Narmada Temple, Kali Temple and Uluwatu Temple in Badung then Dalem Ped Temple which is located in Nusa Penida.

One day before Piodalan, Hotel Vila Lumbung Management and TEAM conducted the preparatory activities, including Mendak Tirtha once again to the Batu Bolong Temple, Peti Tenget Temple and Khayangan Tiga Temple at the local villages in Kerobokan, preparing the “Banten” as a instruments of Piodalan Ceremony, installating tents and “Bale Pemiosan”, decorating and putting the Wastra (cloth) towards all “Pelinggih”, preparing Penjor, manufacturing the Gebogan, Tamiang, Canang Sari and Kuangen which also contested between Hotel Vila Lumbung’s departments to sharpen the creativity, stimulating the spirit and refreshment of employees mind from the daily routine at work.

On 29th of August 2015 was the main day of the Piodalan ceremony series. Date of Piodalan ceremony is known based on the Balinese calendar that is coincided on the Purnama Ketiga, Tumpek Krulut, Saniscara Kliwon Krulut that will be coming once a year. Piodalan Ceremony has started at 9 am and begins with Mendak Ida Pedanda (Holly Priest) that is picking up the Holy One who will lead the Piodalan’s ceremony. Next to “Meprasita” that is cleaning all the hotel area by walking around and spreading the holy water that was taken during previous Tirtha Yatra, followed by Meprasita (cleansing) ourselves for each employees and also some guests who are staying participates in this procession then ends with “Muspa” (praying), to adore Ida Sang Hyang Widhi on all blessings that have been bestowed as well as for a better life in the future.

Piodalan ceremony finished and continued with Meyasa (lunch) together. There are also a “Mebat” events. Mebat is preparing and cooking Balinese dishes together or in Bali we called as “Sekaha Demen” by a business partner who is supporting the Hotel Vila Lumbung in terms of additional transport, travel and tour.

This activity provides an overview that is although Bali is in the days of the advancement of tourism which is very fast, but it should still carry out traditional and religious activities that have been passed down from the year to year to keep the natural balance and maintain a good relationship between man and God, Environment and with the man himself that we called Tri Hita Karana.

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