Redefining Healthy Lifestyle and Wellness at ODYSSEY MVMT

BALI – Introducing Odyssey Movement, a new boutique yoga and fitness studio that has recently opened in Canggu, Bali. Odyssey is the first of its kind to offer a complete and holistic health and fitness solution with a strong focus on surf, mindful Vinyasa yoga, and high intensity, functional fitness. Odyssey believes that life is an adventure. Through mindful movement, the studio optimises strength, mobility, cardio fitness and flexibility so that people can live a full and happy life.

“Odyssey’s foundational premise is that to create change or transformation, a person must first change their ‘state of being’. Our world class facilitators utilise tools such as music, breath and positive psychology alongside intentional movement to help people to raise their conscious state and discover new possibilities as they work out” said Erin Kindt, Director of Happiness of Odyssey Movement.

The team at Odyssey know that not only can you Go Both Ways, but that to live a life of infinite possibility and sustainable adventure, you need to. They are passionate about helping guests to create and maintain a meaningful, mindful movement practice, whether through yoga or functional fitness,surfing, diving, riding or climbing. Guests are encouraged to come in and practice so they can get out and adventure.

Odyssey MVMT provides a complete mind, body and spirit solution with a yoga and fitness focus that allows you to go both ways. On offer are more than 30 classes per week including various yoga classes such as the Odyssey Warrior that combines the fluid yoga movements and light strength training using free weights. Odyssey’s functional fitness classes are designed to follow the level of fitness from first-timers to fitness enthusiasts.

“Each class is designed to optimize your health and fitness in a fun and sustainable way so that you can continue to do the things you love out in the real world,” said Nick Thorogood, Director of Sweat. “We have tutorial videos installed on the screen around the gym as guidance, and our trainer will also be there to help them whenever necessary.”

Odyssey Movement will also feature a mindful boutique with local and sustainably produced brands including Indosole, Indigo & Luna, and Stowaway. A fun cafe featuring ‘adventure food and coffee’ (launching with juices, smoothies and smoothie bowls) will help guests to nourish and recover after class. Odyssey’s soon to be launched retreats will offer a unique combination of yoga, fitness, nutrition and nature-inspired adventures throughout beautiful Bali. (*)

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