The Leadbetter Academy Bali Teaches Kids 6-17 to Play Golf

The Leadbetter Academy also welcomes applications from kids to be sponsored to learn, or improve at the game of golf

BALI – Kids from 6 to 17 years old that want to learn to play golf, or improve their game, can now do so through The Leadbetter Golf Academy Bali (LGA Bali). Open to all juniors that have passion and enthusiasm for golf, the kids who participate in the program receive 18 hours of small group coaching sessions over a six-month program, which includes monthly tournaments.

The tournaments are held over the courses’ length and are aimed at the grass root level. The course is shortened during the tournament, which encourage kids to enjoy the time, obtain good scores and to learn and understand the concept of par. Mainly, this makes the juniors want MORE after a tournament, and they leave feeling great, not mentally drained.

Leadbetter Golf Academy
Recognized around the world as the number one golf coaching academy, the Leadbetter Golf Academy offers the very best golf instruction in over 25 locations around the globe. Headquartered in Florida, USA, over the past 30 years, The Leadbetter Golf Academy’s Tour players have amassed 22 major championship titles and hundreds of worldwide tournament victories. LGA Bali offers a truly unique golfing experience.

LGA Bali noticed a big gap in the junior golf market at Bali. In 2016-2017, there were 25 junior golfers aged 8 to 18-year olds playing yet was nothing in place to attract new juniors to the game. The federation offered 6 junior tournaments in Bali in 2017, all with national rules in terms of length of golf course. By the scores, only 1 player out of the 25 excelled, with the other juniors struggling to break 100 when playing the full-length course.

To address this gap, in August 2017 LGA secured a full year sponsorship from WELL CONTROL INDONESIA that provides 20 kids full sponsorship of the 18 hours of free group golf tuition over 6 months, coupled with a discounted rate to IDR 550,000 per player to participate in the monthly tournament, which includes the green fees, caddie fees and simple food for lunch.

Participating kids get coaching at the Leadbetter Academy at Bali National Golf Resort, a world class golfing facility. The tournaments are played at Bali National Golf Resort, Bukit Pandawa Golf & Country Club and Handara Golf Resort Bali.

In 2018, LGA Bali and WELL CONTROL INDONESIA are seeking another 20 juniors between the age of 6 and 18 years old to participate in the program. Kids that participate thoroughly enjoy the hobby. To make inquiries, express their interest or apply for the sponsorship, please email, or call +65 82266112828 or +62 361773852.

About the Coach
The juniors are coached by David Bradshaw, a British PGA-qualified and LGA-certified instructor. David grew up playing junior golf in Yorkshire, England. David relocated with the Leadbetter Golf Academy in 2013 from the UK to Jakarta, Indonesia. David spent 4 years in Jakarta building up a junior program and teaching individual clients too. At the start of 2017 a new Leadbetter Golf Academy was opened in Bali which David took the senior role and realized the little opportunity that junior golfers have playing and taking tuition. He also saw a big opportunity in the amount of kids that didn’t play golf and felt there was an option to introduce the game to these juniors.(*)

Bali Contact:
Leadbetter Bali Academy
David Bradshaw
+65 82266112828 or +62 361773852

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