20d3a4e1-9ed8-41e2-9663-c1996dec67acTravelling while doing business is often for those who work during their vacation. Now, Bali is an essential destination for any business traveler. Aston Denpasar Hotel & Convention Center located in the heart of Denpasar City, continues to meet the guests’ expectations. Therefore, our own Jempiring Restaurant will be serving up East West Foodie Fest from 1 October to 31 December 2014.

This food festival is a blend of  Western Foods and Eastern Foods. Our main menu includes Surf and Turf or seafood (surf because you can surf in the sea) and beef (turf because cow graze on turf) and Steam Barramundi Fish, a popular Chinese speciality with a piece of steamed fish infused with savoury herbs along with two kinds of sauce. You also get a salad with Vietnamese Spring Rolls, which are wrapped in rice paper and go well the sauce. Moreover, one of our refreshing Virgin Strawberry Mojitos can cool you down in even the hottest sun during the day. For coffee lovers, we offer Hot Summer to accompany your busy work in front of your laptop. Come and enjoy the food festival in Jempiring Restaurant with your colleagues, you can easily finish your work.
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