November 15, 2019

About Us

L’Ultimo Paradiso is an online tourism magazine published in Bali since May 2006 and distributed news about Indonesian destinations to the world. Review about tourism news, creative economy, hotel, restaurant, travel agents, spa, shopping airlines, activities, cultures and atractions, you can found here.

Media :
Printed (Magz) & Website (

Released :
Montly (Magz) & Website (Daily)

Language :
Two Languages (English and Indonesia)

Categories :
Tourism news, tourism destinations, event, hotel, restaurant, café, airlines, spa, shopping, etc.

Publisher :
Paradiso Timur Raya (base in Bali)

– Monthly magazine , every 25 th of the month
– Circulation : 10.000 ex per edition

Tour Operator in Indonesia and overseas, executive and professional tourism communities, domestic and overseas tourists, ambassadors, Consul General and representatives from neighbouring countries, local government and and world wide communities as well.

Direct readers through travel agents, about 300 tour and travel agents in Bali, hotels, tourism associations, expatriates, airlines company, Consul General, and representatives of neighbouring countries and local governments in Indonesia. We are in Bali, Jakarta, Surabaya, Jogyakarta, Manado, Lombok, Kupang, Medan, Batam, Semarang, Makasar, Kalimantan and offcouse in your smartphone.

More information, please contact:
Perum Griya Anugerah No. 23
Jl. Taman Giri – Lingkungan Menesa
Kelurahan Benoa – Kecamatan Kuta Selatan
Kab. Badung – Bali
Hp/wa: 081339385058/081338306900

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