October 19, 2019

Bali Dynasty Resort Proudly Participates in the 2019 International Coastal Clean Up

South Kuta –  In partnership with the Bali Hotels Association, Bali Dynasty Resort recently participated in the International Coastal Clean Up Day 2019. The resort’s staff members and management team came together on 21st September 2019 for this environmental awareness project with the aim to clean South Kuta Beach. Beginning at 7.00 am, the Bali Dynasty Resort crew picked up rubbish all along the way to Jerman Beach where each bag collected was carefully weighed and documented.

The specific trash details from around Bali were then sent to the Ocean Conservancy Board, which compiles records from all over the world. These records will be used by the Ocean Trash Index to raise awareness, identify debris or unusual trash hotspots and advise on policy solutions to reduce water/marine pollution.The cleaning of South Kuta Beach is not just a once a year undertaking. Bali Dynasty Resort schedules a monthly general clean up in and around the resort, as well as the immediate beach environment.

This activity is a highly anticipated get-together for staff members from each different department and builds awareness about the importance of reducing plastic in daily hotel operations. At the same time, it also ensures that all guests get to enjoy a clean and comfortable beach experience during their stay. (*)

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