November 15, 2019


2nd Working Meeting of The DPD IHGMA BALI

Kuta – As a professional association of hotel leaders in Indonesia, Regional Management Board Indonesian Hotel General Manager Association (DPD IHGMA) Bali always concern about the existence of the association as an internal responsibility for members and  community and the government for external.

In connection to these matters, on Saturday, April 20th, 2019, the 2nd Regional Work Meeting was held also to commemorate the 3rd anniversary of IHGMA which was confirmed nationally and inaugurated on April 20th, 2016 in Bali.Regional Work Meeting held at Aston Kuta and attended by the DPP Advisory Board, Deputy General Chairperson of DPP, Secretary General of DPP, Invitations from the government, associations, tourism education institutions and members of DPD IHGMA Bali which numbered 118 people.

The organizing committee for the 2nd Regional Work Meeting in 2019, Fransiska Handoko, CHA., CHIA said that this year’s theme was taken with consideration of the 4.0 industrial revolution phenomenon “In accordance with the instructions of the board of directors of IHGMA Bali period of 2016-2020 that the third year of the association’s focus is on improving the quality of members facing the challenges of digital technology. This meeting devided into 5 sub-events in a day consist of the management accountability report for 2018/2019, commission session for each field, plenary session for delivery of plans 2019/2020 work program,seminar and presentations from hotel partners regarding product knowledge development General Managers”. Said the woman who was familiarly called Fransiska, a graduate of  Blue Mountains International  Hotel Management School Australia and working as a General Manager at  Risata Bali Resort & Spa, Tuban – Kuta. She added that the meeting’s committe for this year were all women related to the Kartini’s day which occured the next day on April 21th and proudly introduced her team with the nicknamed Kartini Millenials.

Meanwhile, Chairman of IHGMA Bali, I Nyoman Astama, SE.,CHA in his remarks said that DPD IHGMA Bali has played an active role since it was inaugurated in 2016. Every year the management takes the focus of structured activities so that expected to escalate the existence of the association in the future. Astama said “After being formed in 2016, we focused on coonsolidating members and ensuring the positioning of associations, then in 2017 we focus on embracing associations and other stakeholders to work together and improve the solidity of tourism actors,among them were social activities and CSR, in 2018 we began launching the skilldevelopment program including training and certification of General Manager of IHGMA members to gain recognition of hospitality expertise from Indonesian BNSP. Now, in 2019 we try to explore holistically the problems of member problems in the digitalization era of industry 4.0 which are dominated by technological advances so that the increase in soft skills of members is felt increasingly urgent in the midst of this multi-dimensional and aggressive competition”.Furthermore he explained that IHGMA has been recognized and quite involved by stakeholders and government in discussion related to torism in Bali in particular and Indonesia in general. This is a very good media for General managers in Indonesia to unite in professional associations so they can improve their knowledge and sharing between GM. “According to IHGMA Tagline, Professional – Integrity – Netwokring, we prioritize participation and sharing between member for mutual progress in order to contribute positively to society, industry and government” added Astama, who is also Founder and Managing Director NUSA Hospitality Management.

The Seminar theme “Unveiling The Industry 4.0 Impact and Challenges for Hospitality Industry”  presented by  keynote speaker K. Swabawa, CHA, Director of Operations Global Hospitality Expert (GHE) with the presentation of several keypoints related to digitalizationand the challenges that occur following by alternative solutions that must be considered by the hotel manager. Swabawa said that the phenomenon of disruption and progress of robotic software system must be able to be combained with the good service of the human personalize sevice as the core business of the hospitality world can always be displayed according to adapttion to the progress of human civilization.“Other industry that applied 75%-90% is a robotic system, in the other hand, the hotel world can not be assumed like that, even if there is, that is a characteeristic of thematic concept who has a certain market segment. General Managers needs extensive insight into addressing this phenomenon” explained  Swabawa who is also the Deputy Chairperson of DPD IHGMA Bali.

Currently the DPD IHGMA Bali houses 2 DPC in the Bali region, DPC IHGMA Karangasem which inaugurated in 2017 and DPC IHGMA Buleleng which inaugurated in 2018 ago. Each management has 7 divisions in charge of membership, training and sertification, institutional, legal and licensing, organization, social and CSR as well as research and development. (*)

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